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WEGG at the 100% Digital Employee Experience

Have you ever considered measuringin the company what is the perception of the quality of the work done by IT?

There are employees who connect from anywhere and rely on devices and applications to work... and hold IT responsible for any experience.

The DEX (Digital Employee Experience) is precisely that thermometer that allows us to measure it and get feedback to better manage it, raising awareness of the value of IT at several levels.

Given the many aspects to be monitored (security, service desk, endpoint management, etc.), WEGG was one of the main sponsors of an event dedicated to the topic, the“100% Digital Employee Experience” together with our partner Ivanti, a provider of analyst-recognised DEX solutions.

The agenda of the event, held on June 7 at the Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan, was very rich (here the programme), with experts, panel discussions and the presence of more than 150 IT decision-makers. We were present in the Partner Village with a stand and brought the testimony of one of our customers, Coopservice (go here to find out more!).

During the executive conference, the benefits of a technology that puts the user experience at the centre in hybrid working were discussed in depth. As underlined in the opening keynote by Carlo Alberto Carnevale-Maffè, Professor of Strategy at Bocconi University, the real challenge nowadays is to shape work in the company in the organisational culture and not only in the operational processes... in order to create a resilient and sustainable business model.

And what is more resilient and sustainable than human skills? We are indeed in the age of Orgware, of human and "hybrid" capital enhancement.

In a context where interactions with generative intelligences and the metaverse are a component of ”homo novus“, enabling them to occur through hybrid work and ensuring their full realisation under diverse and varied conditions is the key to our best future.

Yes, this is what DEX (Digital Employee Experience) is all about: human capital and data at the centre and technology as an enabling and sharing platform.