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Success Stories

Being closer to people

Rekeep improves accessibility of HR services with Marco digital platform.

From queues at the counter to the easy click from home.

Do you want to know how a multinational integrated services company has simplified the management of HR services by optimising the processing time of requests and increasing employee satisfaction?
Are you ready to discover how Rekeep managed to be closer to all its people, regardless of their geographical location?

We will explore how the IT manager identified the critical element and how by digitising HR processes within the Marco platform, the company broke down the barriers to 24/7 usability of HR services.

Reekep (formerly Manutencoop) is the leading group in Italy in support services for buildings, people and cities. It is an international company with 80 years of history (it was founded in 1938 under the name "Cooperative for railway labourers"). It operates mainly in the health and transport sector with dedicated companies in Poland, France and Turkey.

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The challenge:

Being closer to employees

Given the large number of employees (28K) geographically distributed in Italy and abroad, Rekeep felt the need to maintain a constant relationship with each one of them, to facilitate them during their working life and to provide a series of HR support services that they could use in a timely manner and in complete autonomy. These services included onboarding , but also the whole series of requests and needs that accompany staff in their life cycle (payroll management, changes of address, work permits, training, etc.). The company wanted to improve its service delivery capacity, still bound to office hours and the completion of bureaucracy, by offering continuous support (24/7) , immediate and usable from every device and region.

The input for the digital evolution of HR support processes came from Rekeep's IT team , which was looking for a self-service tool to manage IT requests. The solution could be functional for both areas, IT and HR , given the common goal of improving the accessibility and delivery of service requests.

«We were in the process of restructuring our sourcing model and consequently the need arose to replace both the outsourcing provider's proprietary systems and the Help Desk portal for users with a more flexible and modern tool. We wanted to look for a solution that would also allow the management of support processes not only in the IT area, but in general those related to employee requests within the company».

The solution:


The desire to search for a functional solution for the two areas, IT and HR, led Rekeep's IT team to identify WEGG as the ideal partner with whom to undertake this path of innovation, given its in-depth knowledge of IT Service Management, specifically the ITIL framework for structuring IT processes and its applicability in business contexts.

Reds, the tool for managing IT requests, was flanked - with the same logic and technology - by the Marco platform, the employee self-service portal at the service of Rekeep employees. To realise it, the WEGG consultants started from a detailed analysis of the needs of the figures involved - users and service personnel - in order to redesign flows and processes on Easyvista technology with the aim of simplifying the management of requests and automating back-office activities.

The platform, named Marco after one of the incumbents who answered the phone, is a self-service portal that employees can consult from any device 24/7. Through the interface, employees have a single access point that they can consult independently to stay up-to-date and informed about company policies and manage their HR requests without wasting paper or excessive bureaucracy.

«With Marco» explains Nini «there has been a reduction in back-office activities for employee management, some processes have been digitised with a consequent reduction in processing times, paper submissions of forms and/or certificates have been reduced. This has facilitated communication and dialogue between the company and employees». Increasing their satisfaction.

Marco complements and integrates with Reds, the IT portal that allows IT ticket management and visibility of assigned assets, with the advantage of offering a single interface for all collaborators, external or internal. Evolutions of this project are leading to new cross-functional integrations that allow, among other things, the allocation of expenses between the respective cost centres.

The executed mode:



After a careful re-design process in order to increase functionality and traceability, the HR service management flows were transposed to a highly customisable digital platform, the technology for which is provided by Easyvista, specifically Service Manager for process design and Service Apps for interface construction.

The added value of WEGG was measured in the design, where users' goals, behaviour and attitudes were taken into account to simplify their navigation, and in the study of the most effective ways of integrating information to provide automated responses to requests.

The result is an Employee Self-Service Portal, accessible via the web 24/7 from which Rekeep employees can manage all the information and services that concern them, selecting them from a catalogue and getting answers quickly, monitoring their progress from their personal area at all times.

Information from different legacy applications of the company is automatically correlated by the platform thanks to WEGG's expertise in Process Automation. The production of a service certificate, for example, used to require different processes to be activated in the management and HR software. The result is now a single PDF, obtainable by the employee with one click from home.

The user experience is central to Marco: in addition to the simplicity of a single access point, the "Frequently Asked Questions" section and the "How can I help you?" search bar support the user in a very simple way, just as a physical operator would.


A better
Employee Experience

  • no more red tape and paperwork
  • use of a simple and intuitive platform
  • 24/7 availability of services
  • reduced processing times
  • personal area with reports and alerts on the progress of requests

and automation

  • activities visible only to individual process managers
  • advanced control thanks to automatic prioritisation and notification
  • gestione automatizzata
    delle richieste e produzione di documenti tramite integrazione di strumenti diversi

Optimised back-office
and more efficient services

  • reduction of back-office activities
  • services provided in a timely manner
  • measurement of SLAs (e.g. resolution time)
  • increased employee retention

This project is useful for those companies that want to be closer to their employees, allowing them to access their services at any time and from anywhere. The digitisation of some HR processes on the Marco platform has made it possible to reduce the time taken by the backoffice to process requests and the paperwork of forms and certificates. The accessibility and ease of obtaining services, as well as the ability to track them in real time, allow us to offer even better services and facilitate communication and dialogue between the company and its employees.

Would you like to digitise HR service delivery processes?